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In the peaceful village of Cornaiano, near Bolzano, we have created a welcoming place designed exclusively for you. Here in the typical atmosphere of Rungghof, our estate dating back to 1524 with a spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding natural landscapes is the setting for fascinating gastronomic experiences. Our chef’s reinterpretation of ancient traditions involve the all the senses. In this world of infinite aromas and flavours, time seems to stand still and the possibilities are limitless.

Experimenting and combining new flavours have always been my passions.Manuel Ebner

Attaining the best from simple things, enhancing the authentic taste of each ingredient and skilfully combining it with contrasting flavours. This is the intent and the greatest passion of Chef Manuel, who would not give up his kitchen tools for anything in the world. His guests perceive the dedication and commitment he pours into his work and appreciate his genuine creations: bite-sized masterpieces of culinary art that combines tradition and innovation.

Meet Manuel Ebner
Haute cuisineChef’s Table by Manuel Ebner

Get ready to discover a culinary dimension made of irresistible aromas, lively colours and delightful surprises.


When the sun slowly sets behind the mountains, top off the day with an exclusive culinary experience in our restaurant 1524.
The undisputed stars of our dishes are the local products, harvested at the perfect moment and scrupulously prepared with the savoir-faire typical of Mediterranean cuisine. We love our land and present it to you in the best possible way, in every dish.

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The choice is yoursThe bistro for all tastes

We believe that pleasure knows no bounds...


This is why we created Bistro 1524. Whether in the typical Stube, in the inner courtyard or on the terrace, you can opt for light dishes designed to satisfy the need for a snack, treat yourself to a hearty brunch with friends or end the evening with a fine glass of wine from our cellar to accompany the gourmet dish of your choice. We give you the freedom to enjoy every meal in a relaxed atmosphere, where, when and however you want.

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