Manuel Ebner
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Manuel Ebner: the rebel with the desire to experiment in the kitchen, who brings tradition to modern culinary art,

redefining it according to his ideas. The result? A pleasant soft rock gourmet which conquers all!

Manuel Ebner: the rebel with the desire to experiment in the kitchen, who brings tradition to modern culinary art,

Manuel Ebner, a young artist, who threw himself into the search of ancient traditions, customs and ways of living of the wine growing culture of Oltradige, in part forgotten for a long time, to transport it into modern culinary art. His study: the kitchen, a research laboratory. Here Manuel Ebner experiments with spices, salts and oils. He takes ancient gastronomic customs and awards them with his personal touch. He creates new, extraordinary flavours using natural ingredients like South Tyrol itself. He combines the most diverse ingredients and develops dishes with a surprising taste. Right from the first mouthful! Original creations reflect his gift, characterised by maximum digestibility, which give a pleasant sensation of satiety and a tenable alimentary quality. Sometimes he plays with fire and smokes whatever passes through his head with wood, poor in resin and intense, young and old, aromatic and fruity. His passion: the allotment of aromatic herbs scrupulously cared for. A jubilation of fragrances. A triumph of colours. A paradise of bio diversity. The indispensable extra something for every dish. The dish… nothing is left to chance. Each element is placed in the perfect way. First it is designed on paper. Conceived. Elaborated. Only when Manuel is satisfied with his work, does it reach your palate. He has put his name to it as guarantee.

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Leave behind your daily life

... and be pampered at the Rungghof! Your palates will be conquered by the culinary highlights of Manuel Ebner, the son of the proprietors in person. No one better than he knows how to unite the taste of light Mediterranean cuisine to the flavours of the land. And even though the excellent dishes are even more delicious when savoured in a stylish ambient, you will surely be enthusiastic about the charming stube and the magnificent gardens of the Rungghof. Furthermore, our hotel and the location of Cornaiano/Appiano, will offer endless opportunities to enrich your free time with relaxing, thrilling and interesting activities.

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